Monday 20th July

Hi Year 6,
This is your final week as a Year 6 at Burtonwood.
We have set some work this week but it is up to you if you wish to complete it. You will need to get the theme park work finished before your first day at High School though.
Make the most of the nicer weather, chat to friends (socially distanced of course), help a neighbour or family out, go for a bike ride and generally enjoy life.
Stay safe,
Mrs Ignatius and Mrs Hughes xx
Last 4 days!  
Grammar Question and Answer
Create a grammar quiz to test your family’s knowledge! Are they as good at grammar as you? You may also wish to email the quiz to a friend to test each other’s knowledge.

Think about the format of the quiz e.g. question and answer, true or false, multiple choice, finish the sentence, fill in the missing gap…

Make notes on all the grammar you have learned in Y6 this year
e.g. noun phrases, adverbs, prepositions, verbs and verb forms, model verbs, punctuation, dialogue…

Then create your quiz! Make sure you note the answers down somewhere!

The summer mystery of the burgled bangers

Solve the clues
Answers are at the end of the document