Tuesday 6th October

Good morning Year 5!
You did it!
You have worked tirelessly with your parent teachers to make it to this point, the end of Year 5. It's not what we expected, but the fantastic news is that we will all be reunited in September as I will be your class teacher again!
I can't explain how much I've missed you all and I can't wait to catch up with all of you. I have felt so proud of each of you when I see those portfolio submissions popping up.
This week, I want you to just have some fun with the activities I have set. They focus on this year, next year, getting you active and I have included some mystery maths activities. 
Stay safe over the holidays!
Miss Baker
Maths - Mystery Pack
The Mystery of the Burgled Bangers will rely on your knowledge of the Year 5 curriculum to solve who stole the sausages from the BBQ. Good luck!
Grammar Question and Answer
Create a grammar quiz to test your family’s knowledge! Are they as good at grammar as you? You may also wish to email the quiz to a friend to test each other’s knowledge.

Think about the format of the quiz e.g. question and answer, true or false, multiple choice, finish the sentence, fill in the missing gap…

Make notes on all the grammar you have learned in Y5 this year
e.g. noun phrases, adverbs, prepositions, verbs and verb forms, model verbs, punctuation, dialogue…

Then create your quiz! Make sure you note the answers down somewhere!
Dance Break
We've been having great fun with these in our bubble!
Time to shake it all off.
Join in with either of these Kidz Bop dance alongs...