Monday 20/07/2020

Hello Year 4, 
You've made it! It's felt like a long time coming, but we are finally at the last week of the school year. I just want to say how proud I have been of you all over the last few months and you all deserve to have a long, relaxing break before we see your faces back in the school corridors in September. 
I've really missed seeing you all and I'm sad we didn't get to finish the year together, but you have made me feel so proud with each of your portfolio submissions. This week, I want you to just have some fun with the activities I have set. 
For the rest of the activities, I have uploaded a document with lots of different suggestions (any instructions you may need are all on the document) for you. They focus on this year, next year, getting you active, having some fun and some mindfulness activities. 
Stay safe over the holidays and see you in September!
Miss Coupe xx
This week you're in charge!
Have a look at the PDF below. There are lots of activities on there for you to complete over the week. Choose as many as you wish each day and enjoy! 
This week you will be using your Maths knowledge to complete some activities to solve a mystery! You will need to use what you have learnt to work out who committed the crime. 
I have uploaded the instructions and suspects below and then the first 3 problems to solve, which will help you narrow down who has stolen some of the party bag gifts. 
Now you have finished the first three problems, don't forget to go back to the suspect list and cross out the people you know it cannot be!
Here are the answers to the first three problems, to check you are correct. Don't forget to upload your work to Class Dojo when you have finished. 
After you have completed the first three problems, I want you to create a wanted poster for the possible party bag gift thief using what you have found out.  
Draw a picture of what you think the thief could look like and then write a short description underneath.
Gratitude diary
For your gratitude diary today, I want you to think of 3 positive things that have come out of this school year. This could be during your time in school, school closure or a mixture of the two. 
Don't worry if you've not been keeping one, you can start today and have a think back over the last year.