A bit if a change for today. I would like you to visit the JUST DANCE web page and complete the first 3 dances. I would do each of them at least twice (Once to just have a go whilst learning and a second time to really get into it) They are around 5 minutes each so doing the 3 twice each, that will be a good 30 minutes of activity. Don't worry if you aren't any good. The most important thing is to get active. Obviously you can do them as many times as you want. I used to LOVE just dance as a kid! x


Bonjour Year 3!

Thank you for all your wonderful French work from last week.

So this week I want you to continue doing an activity from your summer term booklet (however if you want to do more than one activity this is fine too!) This time can you complete activity 3 from the ‘Stage 1 summer pdf’ which is called ‘Animal counting’. Read the instructions carefully and complete the task.

I know some of you have done this activity already, if you have you and you want to do more French learning then why not check out our Youtube page and watch some of the clips on there:

Let me know how you get on by messaging your teacher on class dojo. Enjoy x

Here is the English work for today (Monday 18th May). We are continuing to work on ourNon-Chronological reports writing. 
Please follow the step by step lesson, completing the questions and activities when asked. 
As always,if you need any extra support, I am available on class dojo. 
Take a picture of your work and send it to me via your portfolio. 
Here is the Maths work for today. Please follow the step by step lesson guide and then move on to the worksheet when ready to. Remember, I can help you if you need it. Just class dojo me. 
Now have a go at the worksheet. If you need any help as you don't understand please message me on class dojo. 
Take a picture of your worksheet answers and send them to me via your portfolio on class dojo.