Monday 30th March

Good Morning Year 2 
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! I am in school this morning so it is going to be very strange again without you! Thank you so much for all your hard work last week and thank you to all your parents and carers for their support too.

Take care and look after yourselves. I miss your smiles and laughter!

Miss Ellis 

Maths Activities
Learning focus- In this lesson, children will learn to write numbers that are made of whole and parts. Children will also write the fraction that is needed to make another whole. Children will understand and write whole numbers and fractions together based on a picture and understand that wholes can be divided into the number of equal parts of the fraction, such as a whole also being 3/3 . Children can work out what fraction to add in order to make the next whole and can use the part-whole model to partition a mixed number into its whole and parts. 
Please find the journal and main activity below. 
Reading Activity 
For reading today, I would like you to browse the eBook library on Oxford Owl and choose a story to read. Can you summarize the key events in the story to someone in your family?
Please find the link to Oxford Owl website below



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It is an exciting day in English today because you are going to start writing your own versions of Jack and the Baked Beanstalk. Using your plan from last week, you are going to start to write the beginning. We are going to build the story over the week and I cannot wait to read your versions! I have decided to call mine Sam and the Baked Beanstalk. Please read and use mine as an example. The more interesting language you can use, the better! I have also attached the success criteria which you are all familiar with using. 
Good luck and remember, only write the beginning! 
PE with Joe Wicks 

Design Technology Easter Theme


This afternoon you are going to create your own Easter bunny that will require no sewing. I have attached some images above so you can see what your creation might look like. 

You will need:

3-4 old socks (Dads or Mums large ones are best but any little socks will do too. See if you can find the ones which have holes in the toes or the ones that are odd) 

2-3 rubber bands or elastic hair ties 



Googly eyes or hand drawn paper eyes

Marker (to draw the mouth)

A bit of wool or a pompom for a tail




1. Choose which sock will be the best colour for your bunny. 

2. Now roll up any two other socks in a ball and stuff it into the bunny sock.

3. Tie an elastic band securely tight. That is the neck part. 

4. Next roll another sock into a smaller ball. Again, stuff into the bunny’s sock. Tie again to make the head.

5. Now the bit on top left over. Snip it down the middle 2/3rd way to the elastic. If you do all the way you will get floppy ears. Cut from edge to middle if you want pointy ears.

6. Draw eyes, mouth, eyebrows etc. 

7. Decorate your bunny with ribbons, hairclips etc.

Can you name your bunny and send me a photograph? I cannot wait to see them!

Rabbit fact - Rabbits are actually "crepuscular", meaning they are most active in the twilight hours of both sunrise and sunset.