Phonics and Reading Resources

Reading - Please read with your child for 15-20 minutes per day during the school closure where possible, to ensure they continue to make progress. This does not have to be a school reading book; it might be a book you have at home, a magazine your child enjoys or something else. The point is to encourage a love of reading as well as practising their reading skills. Make it comfy and enjoy it :)
Phonics Pack
I put together this pack initially with a view to children revising knowledge for the Phonics Screen. While this has now been cancelled for the time being, it remains important for the children to maintain and improve their phonic knowledge and reading skills. Children present in school on 19th March received a hard copy of these resources - you may print your own but due to the lockdown I am now unable to print copies to be collected.
Free Audiobooks
The audiobook provider Audible has responded to school closures by opening a new online platform where children and families can stream a wide variety of audiobooks for free. Audiobooks are a great way to engage struggling or reluctant readers with a story - and I have seen in class that all of the children love to hear a story, so this might be a great way to introduce them to new authors and titles! It's also a good way for younger children to access longer books that might intimidate them a little in print.
Decodable Comics
'Decodable' simply means that children can use their phonics knowledge to sound out the words in a text. PhonicsPlay have released a series of comic strips featuring different sounds, so that children can practise reading them in context.