Monday 20th July

You've made it to the last week of the year, well done all of you! You should be so proud of the hard work you have put in, and how much you have changed since the beginning of Year One. I'm so sorry that I can't see you all before the end of the year and before I leave Burtonwood, but I can still help you have a lovely last week!
Have some fun with the activities you choose this week, and remember that the summer holidays are just around the corner!
Lots of love,
Miss Bracken xx
A little message from your new teacher, Miss Ellis.
Try out a SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) mat each day this week, to revisit the learning you've done throughout the year.
This writing activity will help you remember all sorts of things you've done this year, and keep all those memories in one place.
Here's a circus wordsearch for you - read the words and find them in the grid.
Here is a flashback 4 for today, and a maths booklet you can work on over the next couple of days to use what you have learned this year.
Have a go at this picture quiz - see how you get on!