The Moon at Parr Hall

Year 5 and Year 2 were lucky enough to visit the Moon at Parr Hall this week. Children were able to explore Warrington Museum, looking for artifacts that link to the Moon and lunar exploration. They were also treated to a 'Space Training Camp' with drills that astronauts may use to refine their motor skills in space, maintain their muscle mass and improve their ability to communicate by picking up Russian phrases!
However, the most exciting part of the trip was being able to see the fantastic artwork by Luke Jerram, which is touring the UK now. The internally lit sculpture shows the Moon's surface at at scale of approximately 1:500,000. Once they had marveled at its size and beauty, the children learnt what it takes to become a great astronaut, the order of the planets, key dates linking to lunar exploration and myths and legends based around the Moon itself.