Monday 20th July

Welcome to the last week of reception!
Usually at this time of year we are having lot's of fun in school.  This week I will continue to set phonics as usual as a home learning activity but our other activities will look a bit different.  
Today, I have written a letter to the children.  I would love them to write a letter back to me.
When you return to school in September, you will be in year 1.  You will have a new teacher and a new classroom.  How do you feel about going into year 1?  Are you excited or a bit worried?  Do you have any questions that you would like to ask about year 1?  Please let me know how you are feeling about the change.
On Thursday we are breaking up for our summer holidays.  Design your own sunglasses to protect your eyes in the sunshine.
Today we are going to be looking at compound and multi-syllabic words.
Watch the video and try to read/write the words/sentences that the teacher asks you to.