Reading at home
You may now well have read the books that were sent home several times. is a website that are currently providing free access to a range of books that are similar to some of those we read in school.  You do need to register for the website but the books are banded like our school books so you will be able to find books that are at an appropriate reading level for your child as you just need to choose the same colour book that they are currently on. This link is to a site with information about accessing a large number of colour banded books for free online - I hope it is useful to those of you looking for further reading material for your children.

Fun activities to add to your routine

  • Try sharing familiar books at bedtime. Pause when reading so that your child can join in. Talk about the sounds at the beginning of words and words that start with the same sound (like words beginning with P).
  • Encourage your child to recall what has happened in the story. For example, ‘Why is bear feeling sad?’ Ask them to guess what might happen – ‘What should they do next?’ – or how the story might end – ‘Do you think they’re going to find the treasure? Where could it be?’
Cbeebies bedtime stories provide your child with the opportunity to listen to a wide range of stories and exposes them to a range of new vocabulary.